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Against the Giants is a classic series of adventures originally written by Gary Gygax, the father of Dungeons and Dragons so I felt it was a perfect introduction to some classic D&D adventures.

This campaign runs on Wednesday nights in The Star pub in Godalming . It is currently fully subscribed but for other cool games and stuff, you can sign up on the Meetup page

We began with the classic “Steading of the Hill Giant Chief” and are continuing on through the “Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane” then the “Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl” and finally conclude with the “Hall of the Fire Giant King”. These adventuresú are designed for 12th to 20th level characters and will take the group through the entire 4th Edition “Paragon Tier”.

Adventure Background

Giants have been raiding the civilized lands in large bands, visiting death and destruction upon villages, towns, and farmlands. Entire militias have been conquered, entire crops wiped out.

These marauding bands consist of mixed groups of hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants, as well as ogres and other monsters allied with the giants.

Determined to repel the invaders, local lords have begun hiring brave adventurers. The first few groups didn’t fare well. Some were crushed beneath the boulders and jackboots of rampaging giants, and others simply never returned from the wilderness. However, a new band of adventurers has assembled to punish the destructive giants and banish them from the civilized lands.

Of all the giant lords, Thane Arnak of the stone giants seems the least likely to rally behind the banner of Snurre, king of the fire giants. Until recently, the stone giant thane maintained a steady truce with neighbouring clans of dwarves, and stone giants rarely ventured far from their warrens in the craggy foothills of the Crystalmist Mountains. But something has changed. Stone giants have emerged from Howling Crag to join the rampaging hordes, providing needed artillery to Snurre’s growing army. Dwarves are convinced that Arnak still commands the giants of Howling Crag, but they fear that a dark influence has persuaded the thane to act against his better nature.

If the alliance cannot be broken, the only recourse is to conquer the
Howling Crag and slay Arnak. Arnak’s sister, Belastraya, serves as the castellan of the stronghold and commands its defense.

The Story So Far as told by the Un-named Bard

The Un-named Bard’s Songbook

Other Perspectives

The Minion Diaries:

Against the Giants

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