Against the Giants

A Letter Home

Sent home by Kurrek-Drong 7 months prior to current day.

“Esteemed Skycaller,

My first forays out into the wider world have been most surprising. While I knew there would be many cultures to meet and viewpoints to clash with what has truly off-balanced me is the spirits out here. They are truly alien…in most every way. Seemingly dormant and depressed and with no understanding of their importance. An anecdote perhaps.

3 days out from the borders of our lands a cousin perhaps of Al-alaruk, bringer of cleansing water, decided to unleash their greatest storms and I sought shelter under a rock outcropping. I greeted the rock as one does and found that they remained silent. Silent! Can you imagine! A rock with less than impeccable manners!? A rock…with no manners.

I…was stunned..speechless even.

Ah well, such are the foibles of this new life. I almost dread to think of the adventures in store for me.

I hope all is well with you.


A rock…with no manners! Can you imagine…



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