Against the Giants

Chapter 2 - Knock Knock

Who's there? jingle jingle Eeuurrk!

Marching with our escort for two days, we made our way into the forest undisturbed. As the soldiers set off towards their own patrol, Barrett took the lead and a day later we were overlooking a valley dominated by a huge wooden fort.

The hill giants hadn’t been subtle when designing and building their steading. Whole trees were simply uprooted and punched into the ground to make a fifteen foot high palisade at least thirty paces along each side. The main building reached at least fifty foot into the sky, and the smoking chimneys indicated a lot of activity. Another smaller outbuilding lay within the palisade across a small courtyard. To the north, we spied a watchtower set against the inside of the wall within some sort of smaller yard area.

Barrett led us to a small cave nearby where we could argue plan and having discarded my plan of getting Theseus to throw Wee Mad Malin onto the roof with a rope, Theses’ plan to simply shout at the door and charge in axes swinging or Wee Mad Malin’s potentially simple plan of setting fire to the place and hacking any survivors to death, we decided instead to make a stealthy attack on the watchtower so that we would at least have the advantage of height.

Making our way quietly around the walls, we reached the base of the tower and Vogue and Barrett climbed the wall to spy over the top. Barrett had already noted two hill giants in the hut at the top of the tower and peeking over the wall, they saw a scene of tranquil slumber. If you can call the din made by two hill giants and four ogres snoring their lungs out tranquil.

The tankards and barrels of ale around them indicated that they might be very solidly asleep, but just in case this was stock taken from the Troll and Lettuce recently, we took a care to work silently as Vogue and Barrett continued their climb up the supports of the tower and the rest of the party scaled the walls and crept up the stairs, Regdar the cleric preparing his blade wall just in case the slumbers awoke and we needed to make a desperate defence.

Reaching the top of the stairs, we could see that the two guards were alert, but hadn’t noticed us. A huge brass gong sat in the middle of the platform so we would have to be fast!

I called upon my Victim of the Feywild power to instantly teleport Malin and Jasper Trueforge next to the larger of the pair who started with pain from the arcane shockwave and was immediately attacked by them and knocked to the wall where Vogue was waiting to stab him in the throat. Jingle Jingle Eeeuurrrk!

Meanwhile Theseus charged at the other giant smashing with his maul and scoffing at the giant’s poor armour, Thames charged him, the force of the blow immobilising the foe, despite his size.

Pummelled by blows from the rest of the party, the hill giant didn’t even get a chance to see who was attacking him before another jingly slash dispatched him.

The tower taken, we crept back down the stairs to take care of the the sleeping uglies. Another musical gurgling sound indicated that Vogue had dealt with one of the giants at the door and Barrett had cut the throat of the other.

My heart stopped for a moment as two of the ogres woke from their slumber but they went down under a hail of blows before they could make a sound.

We had entered the Hill Giant’s Steading…




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