Against the Giants

Chapter 5 - Torture!

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Through the door we enter a very professional looking torture chamber. In the centre of the room, a bound and gagged dwarf squirms while starting to roast on a spit over a huge bed of coals and two black hooded hill giants are using a rack to playfully stretch a half-orc.

Ducking into the shadows, Ash lets loose a volley of shots, staggering the nearest giant with two arrows suddenly appearing from its arm and a blows from both Theseus and Malin badly hurting it.

Picking it up with a blast of force, Jasper flung the giant down the corridor where a blast of Erevan’s fire whooshes over it and I nearly kill it with my longsword. Attempting to regain its feet and strike back, it’s immediately killed by another arrow from Ash.

“Great shot Ash!” I exclaimed.

“Ash?" asked the Ranger, looking genuinely confused

“Ash. It’s a name I made up from nowhere and decided to call you. I just made it up on the spot because I thought it suited you. Oh well, my bad. Lolz."

Meanwhile the other torturer raised a huge bullwhip and struck out at Jasper, who saw the tip crack just in front of his face as he quickly leaned back.

Barrett loosed another pair of arrows past the giant’s hood and momentarily distracted by them it is then knocked to the floor by a spectacular jumping and swinging attack from a berserk Theseus and then slashed across the face by Malin.

Jasper and Erevan then simultaneously blast the torturer across the floor into the corner with mental and magical blasts and using my victim of the feywild power I teleported the bound dwarf off the spit and Vogue to a suitable attacking spot next to the giant, where she somehow manages to completely miss him with an attack.

In a final futile fight for its life, the giant attempted to clamber to its feet and attack Jasper, but retaliating blows from Jasper and a final strike from Thames leave it bleeding on the floor in its final death spasms.

Wasting no time, we open the iron maiden we noticed on the far side of the room (fortunately empty) and untie the dwarf and half-orc, who Jasper notices is a fellow Red Griffin from the tattered remains of his uniform.
“Thank you friends, you are truly chosen by Crurk!”

The half orc introduced himself as Javok, a Red Griffon scout who had been captured on a reconnaissance mission a couple of days south of Hochhoch. I walked back with Javok to the Jailer’s room where we had told the released prisoners to wait while we cleared a safe passage out of the steading and the still silent Regdar tended to their wounds.

I was overjoyed to find my friend Zander alive and mostly well amongst the freed prisoners.

“Zander you old fool! you owe me a drink!”

“Just let the barman know the name of the bard the drink should be given to and it’s yours” he laughed. “I’m glad to see you too!”

“When I heard the lock opening on my cell, I thought it was the end, but instead your quiet priestly friend here was undoing my chains and gathering us all safely here”

“Aye Zander, and you’d best all stay here while we make sure it’s safe to leave. This place is crawling with giants. Not just Hill Giants either..”

“The raiders that hit my caravan had stone giants amongst their numbers”

“Yes, we’ve killed a couple of those and there are more about.. wait!”

The persistent hammering had stopped…

I could hear roaring and what could only be the paint stripping vocabulary of a charging gnome and rushed back towards the obvious battle that was going on.

Running hard, I dashed through the torture chamber into a large smithy where a entered a tableux of extreme violence. Various decapitated orcs lay around the floor, along with the burned body of a dwarf and huge fire giant, lying prone and bleeding from multiple wounds on the floor next to the furnace surrounded by Jasper, Thames and a berserk Theseus.

As I enter I see Thames plunge his sword into the giant’s side and Erevan’s force orb slam into its arm.

“kneeeeedeeeeeepdoooogjobbieeees!!!” I hear as I see Malin make a flying leap (with a triple backflip!) onto the fire giant’s belly, spear first. Using all his surprising weight, Malin forced the spear down through the giant’s armour into its guts.

With a roar, the giant ignored another arrow appearing in its shoulder and stood up throwing off Malin and swinging a flaming hammer at Jasper. Thames throws his shield in front of the hammer, partially deflecting it but in the other hand, the giant holds a pair of glowing tongs, which he grabs and holds Jasper with.

This is but a momentary respite for the poor giant though as Theseus then kills it with a devastating blow of his hammer.

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