Against the Giants

Working With Giants - The Ramblings of Ser Harvey Whitley-Smythe, Orc Blacksmith

Diary of a Minion

Day 27

Spiffing news! The Hill Giant plebes will be bringing Lord Smolderheart and I some rather stout Dwarven fellows to operate the forges on the morrow, and I am absolutely certain that if we roast one of them over a spit, the others will work bloody hard. Good show!

Day 29

The dwarven fellows are simply smashing, what what! Efficiency has improved by over 200% from those weakling humans. I must say, though, that my esteemed colleague Baron “Gruumlash da Slayer, innit” still insists on using his damned fool primitive name.

Day 34

Everything is proceeding swimmingly. Baron Gruumlash has finally seen reason and will henceforth be known as Baron Gruumlash von Humansbane which I am sure you will agree is far more agreeable. We have invited the more civilised of the Giants including Loethar the Stone Giant and Nosnra’s wife Morzul for afternoon tea and cake tomorrow.

Day 35

High Tea with the Nosnra’s and their guests was a great success, despite the unfortunate incident where Nosnra accidentally ate one of the dwarf chaps who was serving the canapes. Ambassador Laerthar was the very model of a true gentleman, as usual and regaled us all with tales of Howling Crag. He has invited both Baron Gruumlash and I for reciprocal drinks and snacks next week for our inaugural book club meeting. We will be reading from Tenser’s treatise on extra-planar beings.



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