Against the Giants

Season Break

Some great new series to watch

Your regular programming is taking a short break and will return soon. In the meantime, try the pilot episodes of some great new series coming to your favourite D&D channels*


Follow the whacky adventurers of your favourite zany little gnome friend as he moves to a new town on the other side of the country and makes new pals while trying to further his giant slaying career.

In this crazy pilot episode, Malin and his cute little pixie sidekick accidentally find themselves in a hill giant gay bar. Hillarity ensues!

Adventuring Party LA

In this new spin off from the ever popular Adventuring Party, meet a brand new team of adventurers, in a completely new location, with much lower paychecks as nobody’s ever heard of them. Exactly the same plots and monsters that you loved, but we don’t have to pay them more than union rates!

Dungeon Masters: Behind the Screen

Go behind the scenes as real dungeon masters tell us the secrets of summoning evil creatures to try and kill off adventurers. Find out the real story behind the ancient order of DMs and just where it is they get those ‘special’ dice from that seem to roll more 20s than yours.

The Burny Man

4 Part children’s horror mini-series for giants.

*i.e we’ll show the pilot and then they’ll disappear without a trace unless the focus groups are drunk that day.