Against the Giants

Seekrit Diary of Kevin McBugbear

Diary of a Minion

[The following excerpt was taken from the final page of a crude notebook found on the body of a lowly bugbear minion. The preceeding pages were unreadable due to extensive bloodstaining.]

Dear Diary,

A nuvver boring day on gaurd duty. I dunno wot the point is but atlest the pays gud. The Keeper keeps all da prisners lockt up all the time, scepting wen he sends em ta bee torchured fer fun. is pet monkeys are evil, to!

Captin Jack sez we shood bee glad ov all dem giants livin upstairs an that no damned venturers are gonna get down ’ere. He tole us that as a kid a group of venturers broke in his dungeon and wiped out his hole family – mum an kid brothers an sisters, all, an that he survived by hidin in the privy!

I’m gonna complane a bowt Nigel gettin the cushy guard job standing by the gong all day again, wile I hafta fetch water from the stream and muck out the apes.

Gotta go, Captin Jack sez somefin’s not ri…

[the handwriting stops abruptly here as if the diary were ripped from the author’s hands]



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