"Wee Mad" Malin

"Wee Mad" Malin is a Gnome with some serious anger management issues. Giant-Slayer by reputation.


PDF”: Malin Level 13


Och, hello there, I’m Malin…

A touch under three feet tall, but every square inch is filled with 100% unadulterated fury. A pleasant and queer sort of chap to the uninitiated. His lightning-quick temper is an utter mystery, though the simple fact he was graced with a Girl’s name at birth is likely to account for at least some of it.

Malin’s approach to most things is to launch himself at extreme velocity without mercy, especially at those who belittle him for being vertically-challenged. The sheer fact he still lives to this day is nothing short of a miracle.

His origins are not discussed, though closer friends will know he has spent the last several years in the Stark Mounds, on the southern border of Geoff. His desire for duelling was not satisfied by his kinfolk, and to this day strives for bigger fish to fry. Giants, you say..?

And with that he made his way – eventually – to Hochoch.

…and I’ll be breaking your face today.

"Wee Mad" Malin

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