Regdar L'Flir

Human Cleric


Regdar’s family home lay in a small port town along the Sheldomar River in Keoland. For three generations, the L’Flir’s had made their small fortune trading goods along the river. However, unlike his four brothers, Regdar chose to not enter the family merchant business. Instead he chose to follow the teachings of the Whispering Trees, a small local church in service of Bahamut. Disowned by his family, he lived at the temple for many years – focusing on becoming a cleric some day.

When word of a forgotten corrupted temple reached the temple, Regdar was chosen to investigate and purify any corruption he encountered. Regdar collected his meagre belongings, including a handful of seeds from the sacred temple tree. This was an ancient custom, so that a fallen cleric may in death leave a new holy tree in his place. Regdar strove into Geoff to deliver Bahamut’s teachings. With sharp pointy things.

Regdar L'Flir

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