Against the Giants

Another Letter Home

Some few weeks prior to current day:

Hail again revered Elders.

I continue to explore this wider world and must admit to finding it still highly discomfiting. Though I feel I have gotten a better understanding of the spirits out here. Today I spent the morning traveling with some Elven scouts in a heavily forested area in the shadows of a mountain, skirting around a ‘modern’ dwarven underground haven. These elves of course purport to be ‘one with nature’ but I found them anything but. Perhaps masters at controlling it, but no friends of their spirits. I asked one the name of his bow and he gave me a name. An Elven name. What piece of wood have you ever met that is pretentious enough to call itself ‘Silverswift’?

This may be my last letter for a while, I have discovered a tribe of Hill Giants at the foot of these mountains and have decided to look closer…

I hope you are all well.



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