Will's Minotaur Barbarian


Hailing from a mountainous clan of Minotaurs close to Dwarven territory, Theseus became competent in combat from an early age. Like most Minotaurs in his tribe, he relied on raw physical power and heavy two-handed weaponry to brutalize his opponents.

Unlike most of his tribe, however, Theseus was unhappy with his purpose in life and would often pass the time of day speaking to travellers – Dwarven merchants, adventuring companies and any others who passed through the region. They would regale him with stories of great battles in far away lands, or of bands of roving adventurers who seek fortune and glory exploring those lands, taking noble and dangerous quests from strangers in taverns.

It was after hearing another of these stirring tales of adventure and danger that Theseus decided to become a wondering adventurer himself. He knew his prowess in battle and his berserker fury would serve him and any companions well, so in the dead of night he snuck out of the labyrinthine city that his minotaur clan called hoe, maul in hand, and set forth for glory.

He enjoyed many a moonlit night travelling, feasting and fighting with various companions over the next few years. Some companions he would travel with for months at a time, joining them on whichever task they had been set – everything from wiping out cadres of vicious Gnolls hiding out in caverns to helping defend villages under attack from large Goblin and Orc armies. Eventually, though, Theseus and his companions always parted company – he was just too different from the norm in the big wide world.

Theseus did eventually meet one companion where he did strike up what could be called a true friendship. Malin The Mad. Malin was a Gnome of particularly hardy and violent stock. A creature who would be guaranteed to start (and end!) a bar fight… even if he was the only participant. Malin lived for violence and relished the death and destruction he wrought upon his enemies with his ridiculously long spear. The fact that Malin was sometimes paid for inflicting this violence upon others was a very happy afterthought. Realising that the psychopathic Gnome had so much in common with Theseus, they quickly became virtually inseparable.

Eventually, their travels led them to the frontier town of Hochoch – some say that they were drawn by the stories of giants and the possibility of a good fight for once, but Theseus is eager to show everyone that Minotaurs are to be feared and respected throughout the lands.


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