Hochoch In Depth

Located in the broad valley that cleaves the Oytwood from the immense Dim Forest, the town of Hochoch has always been a strategic location within the [[The Grand Duchy of Geoff | The Grand Duchy of Geoff] yet its importance has never been greater than it is now, because the town has become perhaps the sole torchbearer of a dying nation.

Giants have plagued the Grand Duchy of Geoff for generations. Their isolated attacks had always been a nuisance, but they rarely amounted to more than that. That situation changed seven years ago, in 584 CY, when the diverse giant clans and savage humanoid tribes of the Crystalmist Mountains descended upon Geoff in an unprecedented tide of devastation and savagery.

Now, Hochoch serves as the last bastion of freedom and civilization in Geoff, though the years of fighting and the burdens of war have exacted a heavy toll upon the inhabitants. Refugees from nearby areas have swelled the population, while savage attacks have wiped out crops and despoiled food supplies.

Factions diverge in their opinions about the most appropriate course of action to deal with the problems. While nobles and knights argue over treaties and priorities, refugees and peasants face a daily struggle for survival in an overcrowded city. These are dark days in Hochoch. But, as an old Geoffite saying goes, “The darker the storm cloud, the higher the griffon flies.”

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Hochoch In Depth

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