Hochoch Population

The humans that comprise the majority of Hochoch’s population are of mixed heritage, displaying all the best qualities of their Flan, Oeridian, and Suloise ancestors. Their complexions can range from the deepest brown to extremely pale, although most fall into a tanned middle ground. Hair colors also vary widely, from raven black to platinum blonde, though brown and reddish-brown occur with some regularity. Hair structure is usually wavy or curly—rarely straight. Eye color is typically black or brown, though gray, blue, and violet are not unknown.

Halflings have been a part of Geoffite society since the beginning, and they tend to live alongside humans. Apart from size, little difference exists between the two races—their cultures and manner of dress are nearly identical. Dwarves have lived in the Stark Mounds and the Crystalmist Mountains for centuries, but have always been a rare sight in the Eastern parts of Geoff. Likewise, half-orcs in Hochoch might hail from the regions near the Crystalmists or from more distant realms, such as the Pomarj.

The humans of Geoff have traditionally kept good relations with the Olvenfolk of their realm. The high elves and gnomes of the Oytwood and Stark Mounds helped build the Geoffite capital of Gorna, and the wood elves of the Dim Forest have proven to be strong allies against the depredations of savage humanoids.

This long history of cooperation has led to a goodly number of half-elves in Geoff ’s populace. Still, the recent trials have strained the relations among the humans, high elves, and wood elves, with each race fighting its own battles and treating its own wounds. A few clearer heads have realized that only a joint effort can reclaim Geoff from the giant marauders.

The human nomadic riverfolk known as the Rhenee merit special mention. Their barge-homes
have escaped the giants’ depredations, and the riverfolk have made a comfortable living out of ferrying goods and people up and down the Realstream and the Javan. Their knowledge of the riverways, mapped or otherwise, have made them invaluable to the refugees of Geoff, but some travellers — especially among the Watchers — resent having to pay the riverfolk.

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Hochoch Population

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